State of Magellan March 2015

Howdy friends,

I’m going to be trying a new way to keep y’all updated on my goings on for the forseeable future. Instead of incessantly posting about every note I’ve recorded, every lyric written, every fart farted, I’m going to put out a monthly ‘State of Magellan’ letter. I’ll tell y’all where I’m playing in the coming month, if any recordings are in the works, what’s inspiring me at present, and where in these United States I am currently resting my head. I hope you all enjoy, and I’ll try to keep it brief!


The recording process is nearing completion! After spending years recording and producing music for other bands, I am finally taking steps to become a big-boy recording artist of my own.

My first album will have twelve songs on it, some were written upwards of five years ago, and some came to me in the last few months. Inspiration can come from anywhere: I’ve written songs about a longing lover on the range, an insane man awaiting his trip to the gallows, falling in love with a blacksmith, as well as a backwoods hermit that has a hook for a hand and knows how to use it.

I have been working with some very talented people, so many thanks go out to Jim May for lending your ears and helping me see my songs in a different way, to Jordan Hedlund for hitting drums, cymbals, and even music stands when the occasion calls for it, to Danny Shaheen for adding your unique cosmic depth with your electric guitar, to Joe Ye for tickling the ivories with such touch and devilry, to Haley Fleming for coming back into the fold and adding your fiddle, to Cole Pulice for adding raunch and circumstance to the proceedings with your sax, to Marc Bromaghim-Oropeza for lending your ear for harmony and hands for clapping, and to Emmalyn Kayser for singing as well as giving me the (not so) occasional kick in the ass to follow my dreams and get the record done. My friends, you have transformed these simple songs into something much deeper and more complex than I could have ever imagined.


As for shows, prepare yourselves for a weekend of Fletch! On Saturday, March 14, I’ll be playing a short set at 12:00 at Barely Bros. Records in Saint Paul for their one-year anniversary party. The show is free, but bring all of your cash for the LPs you haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Emmalyn Kayser will be singing with me, and might also play shaker if she’s feeling up to it.


On the very next day, Sunday, March 15, I’ll be one of the featured artists with Err! Err is a mixed-media artists’ collective that meets monthly to showcase writers, poets, visual artists as well as musicians. This exhibition will celebrate their six-month anniversary, and I am excited to share this moment with them! The show starts at 7:00, and I will be sharing the stage with guitarist Danny Shaheen, formerly of the neo-noir jazz outfit ‘Bad Vibes’.

As a little added incentive to show up to one (or both!) of these gigs, I’ll be releasing one song off of the record at each of the shows. If you’re at the shows, you’ll be some of the first folks to hear the new tunes!


That’s what’s up! Stay tuned for the next installment of the ‘State of Magellan’ next month to hear what trouble I’ve gotten into this time.


Don’t go anywhere (even if I do),



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