Weekend Update

Howdy y’all,

First thing’s first: This weekend, I released the first two songs from my upcoming record! Scroll down an inch or two to check out ‘Stagecoach’ and ‘Oh, No!’ I’ll be posting the lyrics and liner notes shortly, but for now, the music will have to suffice!

Now, on to the weekend summary!

On Saturday, I played a short afternoon set at Barely Brothers Records’ one-year birthday party. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with vocalist Emmalyn Kayser. Her harmonies add so much to my simple folk songs, I’m blessed to have her in my corner. There were lots of country music fans; when I forgot the first line to a John Prine song (Spanish Pipedream), the crowd was happy to emphatically remind me what it was. A big thank you goes out to Mike and co. from Barely Brothers. Those folks sure know how to make a guy feel welcome, and definitely know how to throw a party!

With Sunday came my second show in as many days. I was one of the many acts to be a part of Err VI, Err art collective’s six-month anniversary show. There was a poet, a string band, a comic, as well as a painter and sketch artist that were featured, but Err made everyone a part of the show. They had cut out tens (if not hundreds) of small parts of a circular mandala, and encouraged everyone in the house to draw on the segments to contribute to the piece. The folks at Err continually beckoned to other artists to share their work and submit it to Err. This group of talented artists is so genuine, there is absolutely no pretension to speak of. I am so glad to be working with them!

As for my portion of the night, I was joined by Danny Shaheen on electric guitar. His delay-drenched six-string turns my four-chord country songs on their sides, giving them a jazzy and spacy edge that I couldn’t begin to fathom on my own. The crowd really dug my Tom Waits meets Hank Williams murder ballad, ‘His Right Hand’. I think that may be the next song I’ll release…

I’d like to thank everyone for being a part of these two shows, I’ll be keeping you updated as to where we’re heading next!

Much love,



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