State of Magellan April 2015

Greetings Fletchetarians!

A lot has happened in the last month and a half, and much has changed. To start, I am writing this not from Minneapolis, nor from Saint Paul, nor even anywhere in the central time zone! I am writing this from Grants Pass, Oregon, land of organic farming, sustainable living, and great (great great) beer. And bud, or so I’ve been told.

Emmalyn and I have been traveling/living out of our Prius since Easter Sunday, we’ve been to the Badlands, Wall Drug (5-cent detergent filled death, aka coffee), Bozeman, Montana (land of both cowboys and liberal arts educations), Craters of the Moon National Monument (holy volcanoes, Batman!), Bend, Oregon (let there be hops, and there were hops), Crater Lake (a lake inside an imploded volcano!!!), and finally here in southern Oregon. There will be pictures posted, check out the Facebook page in the next few days for those.

We are on our way up to Denali National Park in Alaska, where I will be working, playing, and gathering inspiration from the vast wilderness and solitude for the next few months.

“But Fletch!”, you exclaim, “I thought you were neck deep in the recording process! I’ve been camped out at Hymie’s for weeks waiting for your album, what’s going on!?”

Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked. First thing, say hi to Dave and Laura, give Irene a big belly rub for me, and stop back at Hymie’s on Saturday for Record Store Day. My album won’t be there, but there’ll be lots of great music to see, hear, and take home with you.

As for my efforts, I finished recording the day before Good Friday at 11:17 PM. I’ve been working closely with Jim May from Sound80 throughout the recording process, and Jim (or Zheem, as he sometimes refers to himself) will be finishing up the post-production (mixing, mastering, editing, most certainly NOT auto-tuning) with input from me from afar.

I’m going to continue to blog, post photos of my adventures, and deliver the witty banter that you’ve come to know and love/tolerate, so keep reading! I’ll also be releasing a song off the record every month or so, and when I’m back in the Twin Cities, I’ll be having a big record release show with a full band, backing vocalists, the New York Philharmonic, The Revolution AND the New Power Generation backing me up!

Much love,


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