State of Magellan Summer 2015

A very belated Alaskan greeting to you all, devout Fletchetarians!

I grossly overestimated the amount of time and energy that I would have to maintain my internet presence whilst living and working in Denali National Park. I definitely bit off more than I could chew when thinking that I would be able to keep up even a monthly blog with countless peaks, hills, glaciers and benches to explore (as well as spongy tundra to nap upon). If you have been holding your breath since April for a Fletcher update, I’ll be sure to notify your next of kin.

Denali has been inspiring beyond belief. ‘White Crown’, one of the new tunes I’ve written this summer, incorporates the lilting birdsong of the white-crowned sparrow. In late June, I woke to, fell asleep to, and spent all waking hours listening to droves of males trying to woo lady sparrows all around me. After weeks of hearing their pleading call, I started whistling along with them, and wondered whether or not I could put chords to their music. Though I had spent days thinking about the song, when I finally sat down to put the pen to the paper, the finished song emerged in ten minutes. It certainly helps that my white-crowned neighbors sing in the key of G.

We have about one month left in the season here at Camp Denali, and after that I’m going to slowly meandering my way back to the Midwest. As of right now, I’m currently getting ready to play my first gig since arriving in Alaska, as one of the performers in the Kantishna Music Festival here in the park! It feels so good to be playing in front of people again, I can’t wait to make a habit of it back in the Lower 48.

Much like last year, taking some time away from performing and recording has been a great way to reflect and recharge my batteries. I am ready to get back to my music, and show you just what Denali has done for me this season!

Happy trails,



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