State of Magellan December 2015

As Sir Elton John once said*, “Why hello, say, can I buy you another glass of beer?” I can’t actually afford to buy all of my blog readers even one pint, much less a second that is implied by “another glass”, but I can afford a salutation to my followers. Perhaps I should have just stuck with hi.

In any event, this has been a very exciting two months since my return to Minneapolis. In my time back, I’ve played at the Nicollet twice, the Nomad, and the Acadia with my former bandmates from Anarchists Are Better Lovers. I also got a chance to head up north to Duluth and play at the new Lake Superior Bakehouse, where good times and better cinnamon rolls were had by all.

I have been putting lots of work in on the album, which now has a name! Became a Stranger will be an 11 track disc, and will be released in early 2016. I am so happy to announce that Whittney A. Streeter will be lending her considerable talent to the album artwork. She has already updated my Bandcamp page, and is just starting work on the album cover.

I was lucky enough to have Eric Kramlinger from Kram’s Jams Records come in and lend a hand, literally, with some fantastic hand percussion on two tunes. He turned one of my country songs into something I could envision going on the Lion King soundtrack (featuring music written by, yep, Elton John). Country meets gospel with a hint of world music thrown in, I hope I’m making Gram proud with my interpretation of Cosmic American Music.

The album is now 98.6% tracked, and for the last 1.4%, I need your help! On one of my songs, I decided to forgo a traditional drum kit and instead opted for good ol’ stomping and clapping. The problem is, like most of us, I only come equipped with one set of hands and one set of feet.This is really the kind of tune that requires a whole battalion’s worth of limbs of all shapes and sizes.

My next show is at Hymie’s Vintage Records on 12 December, and after the show, we are going to record all of the stomps and claps that your appendages can handle. If you have any rhythmic bones in your body, come on down to Hymie’s and bring your stompin’ shoes, as an old friend used to say. Danny Shaheen will once again be playing with me, and my friends in Crow Call will be opening.

If everything goes according to plan, people should be able to hold a copy of Became a Stranger in their hands by February, if not a little sooner. This record has been five plus years in the making, I can’t wait to share these songs with you, look for CD release show info soon!



*From ‘Talking Old Soldiers’ off of the Tumbleweed Connection album. Also, Bernie Taupin wrote all of Elton’s lyrics at that time, but Elton wrote the music, wore the outfits, and sang the parts, so I opted to give ol’ Reg the credit.


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