We’re releasing an EP!

For those who have been with us for awhile, you may have noticed that I did not write a Fletch blog regarding Cody and Emmalyn leaving for Alaska for the summer (followed by waxing philosophically about whether the band will continue given how busy everyone is). In line with recent years that blog would have […]


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State of Magellan April 2015

We have been traveling/living out of our Prius since Easter Sunday, we’ve been to the Badlands, Wall Drug (5-cent detergent filled death, aka coffee), Bozeman, Montana (land of both cowboys and liberal arts educations), Craters of the Moon, Idaho (holy volcanoes, Batman!), Bend, Oregon (let there be hops, and there were hops), Crater Lake (a lake inside an imploded volcano!!!), and finally here in southern Oregon.

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